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Setout Packing Cubes

The organization system for the Setout Backpack


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Using packing cubes takes your organization to the next level. The problem? Most packing cubes are made of flimsy fabric and cheap zippers.

The Setout Packing Cubes are different. They’re made of the same high-quality heathered polyester and YKK zippers as your carry on and are designed to fit perfectly in the Setout Backpack. Your packing cubes will last as long as your luggage.


  • Specs
  • 10.4 oz (set of three)
  • Large cube: 14” x 11” x 2.5″
  • Small cubes: 7” x 11” x 2.5″
  • Features
  • Mesh panel
  • Piped edges for easy packing
  • Fits perfectly in the Setout Backpack

In Depth Product Features

featured image Setout Packing Cubes

Stay Organized

Keep everything organized with a set of three cubes: two small cubes for socks, underwear, and tees and one larger cube for shirts, pants, and dresses.

featured image Setout Packing Cubes

Built for Your Backpack

The unique curved shape means the Setout Packing Cubes fit perfectly in the Setout Backpack. Generic cubes are rectangular, which makes it awkward and frustrating to pack.

featured image Setout Packing Cubes

See What You Packed

The mesh front panel makes it easy see what you packed in which cube—without needing to unpack.

featured image Setout Packing Cubes

Pack One More Thing

Double zipper pulls make it easy to open your cube—just a tad—to pack one more thing. Even when the cube is already stuffed to the brim.

Behind the Design

“Last month, while packing for a trip to Portland, I posted an Instagram story. “Finally trying out packing cubes!” I wrote. In response, a flurry of messages from excited friends. “Packing cubes are a life changer!” friends raved. “They’re the best!”

In fact, my shiny new Tortuga packing cubes got more likes and messages than every cute puppy photo I’ve ever shared. This fanfare made me feel like I had just entered a secret, in-the-know club of savvy packers.”

— Jessie, Travel Writer

What Fits Inside

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Large cube:
2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of shorts,
3 long-sleeved shirts and 1 hoodie, or
5 long-sleeved shirts

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Small cubes:
3 t-shirts,
6 pairs of large socks, or
4 pairs of boxer briefs

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