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Homebase Duffle Case

The ultralight duffle for packing as much as possible in a carry on


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Duffle bags are easy to carry, but their dimensions don't maximize carry on packing space.

Suitcases make better use of carry on space and are easier to pack. The downside is that they're heavy and don't allow for hands-free travel.

The Homebase Duffle Case combines the packing space of a suitcase with the portability of a duffle. And it weighs less than 2lbs.


In Depth Product Features


Travel Ultralight

At only 1.9 lbs, your luggage won’t weigh you down.

carry it all

Carry Everything

The Homebase duffle case has the most internal space possible for a carry on. If you want to bring as much as possible, this is the bag for you.

carry it all

Packs Like a Trunk

Stack everything inside through the wide, front opening. Use the duffle case like a trunk at your destination. You don't even have to unpack.

featured image Homebase Duffle Case

Carry On Compliant

The Homebase duffle case qualifies as a carry on so you can pack the maximum amount and still avoid baggage fees.

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Multiple Ways to Carry

Use the crossbody strap or top handles—whichever you prefer. Both options are padded and pack away when you aren’t using them.

featured image Homebase Duffle Case

Weather Resistant

Your stuff will be protected from the elements with waterproof sailcloth—a material originally made for racing sails—and weather-resistant YKK zippers.

featured image Homebase Duffle Case

Easy to Pack

Duffles tend to collapse in on themselves as you try to pack. Not this one—LS21 sailcloth has enough structure to maintain its shape when the bag is empty without adding bulk or excess weight.

featured image Homebase Duffle Case

Stay Organized

Use the internal mesh pockets for socks, toiletries, or accessories. Pack smaller items in the external zippered pocket.

Behind the Design

The Homebase Duffle Case is a modern, updated, ultralight trunk, which travelers have carried for centuries. Today, we use different words (suitcase and duffle) to describe the same thing.

— Taylor, Marketing

Read more about the Duffle Case’s design on The Lab.

What Fits Inside

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Clothes for more than 1 week of travel

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Bulky sweaters and
a winter coat

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