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Travel Backpack Packing Lists

Bring everything you need without checking a bag. 

A travel backpack can house your capsule wardrobe and all the electronics you need for a trip of one week, or more… if you use the right packing list.

No matter what type of trip you’re taking, you can also find a specialized packing list online. The purpose of this list is to provide an all-purpose, carry on packing list that anyone can use. Adapt it based in your style, trip activities, and the weather.


  • 3-5 tops
  • 1-2 pair of pants
  • Shorts
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 7 pairs of underwear
  • Rain jacket or light jacket
  • Lightweight, packable shoes


  • Clear liquid bag
  • Travel toiletry bottles
  • Makeup / toiletry bag


  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Headphones
  • Backup battery
  • Universal converter
  • Smartphone charger
  • Computer charger
  • Tablet charger


  • Passport
  • Pen
  • Eye mask
  • Empty water bottle
  • House keys

Context-Specific Packing Lists

Particularly cold, wet, or hot weather can totally change your packing list. Here's how to pack for:

Here's a little secret: when it comes to packing, most trips are the same. At least in the essentials. If you need help packing for a specific destination, we have packing lists for most places here. Some popular destinations to get you started:

Not all travel backpacks are created equal. In fact, most people are carrying the wrong bag for their type of travel. If you’re not hiking miles through the back country, a hiking pack is the wrong bag for the job. 

Look for a bag that is well designed for your type of travel, has an ergonomically designed harness system, is carry on sized, and will stand up to the rigors of travel. Also, consider the packing and unpacking experience.

Compare travel backpacks here and find the right bag for you.


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