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The Story

We believe that you should live and work on your terms.

Modern technology has freed us to live wherever we’re happiest and to work from wherever we’re most productive. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity. We started Tortuga so that we could live on our terms. Since then, Tortuga has empowered tens of thousands of people to do the same.

Fred Perrotta CEO, Tortuga

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What Do Our Terms Look Like?

We are a small team of passionate travelers. Living on your terms is not a one-size-fits-all concept, and we incorporate our shared philosophy very differently.

Fred, Co-Founder and CEO: Leading Fearlessly On His Terms

“Living on my terms means building a meaningful life and company that complement each other.”

Fred left Google, then the "#1 place to work," to co-found Tortuga. Fred lives on his terms by working from home when he's in his home base of Oakland, CA; combining work and pleasure with travel when he's not. Last year, Fred combined a supplier visit in China with a month in the cities, beaches, and mountains of Thailand.

Fred hopes to use Tortuga to empower both teammates and customers to live and work on their terms.

Jeremy, Co-Founder: Doing Hard Things, Making Movies, Taking Road Trips, Going to Jail

"Living on my terms is an incredibly rare and precious opportunity that I refuse to waste."

Jeremy directed a movie — yes, a full feature film — this year. But that had always been the plan.

When Fred and Jeremy co-founded Tortuga, Jeremy was in film school and knew that he needed a "side hustle" to support himself as he got started in the film industry. There was no trust fund waiting for him, and he knew he didn't want to waste his time working as an assistant to some old power-broker. He wanted to be able to make films on his terms, and he loved the idea of being able to help future travelers at a company he'd build with his best friend.

Making his first movie was an old-fashioned kind of expedition: time-consuming, expensive, dangerous, inefficient, wholly irrational. But he had to get his art into the world, so Jeremy did whatever was necessary.

He drove across the country. Twice. His car was totaled. He spent all of his savings (and more). He broke into an abandoned house in sub-zero weather to shoot. Crew went to jail. Crew was held at gunpoint. And none of it even seemed that strange as it happened.

It was all worth it, and the adventure was the best time of his life. Tortuga allows Jeremy to make movies he'd actually want to watch, take creative chances, and be his own boss. He learns lessons from filmmaking that he brings back to Tortuga and vice versa.

Lauren, Concierge: Overcoming Obstacles & Celebrating Life

“Living on my terms means that I have a great career that I can do even on the days I can't walk. I get to do what I love and what I'm good at regardless of where I am. I refuse to let sickness slow me down.”

Lauren believes that "on your terms" is defined by freedom and flexibility, the ability to get up and go. Living on her terms means not having to surrender the parts of her life that she loves in order to have a job. She gets to travel, write, play, sing, make music, and live the ways she’s always wanted to without the boundaries of an office building.

As someone who lives with chronic illness, working remotely means that she is not bound by many of the limitations that come along with being sick. Working remotely, allows her to celebrate life- to thrive in, and be fulfilled by, her work without sacrificing the beautiful moments.

Jenn, Wordsmith & Editor: Long-Term Travel, Epic Adventure & Life Changing Work

“The best way I know to empower young girls, and women, is to lead by example. I’m committed to living life on my terms because I only get this one, and I’m determined to make it epic.”

Jenn has long believed in living life on her own terms. Having traveled full time for almost 8 years with her four children across six continents, she was a digital nomad before it was cool. This year’s adventures include leading girls trips to Peru and Guatemala, a 100 km hike in Spain, explorations in Portugal, a train trip in Italy and 2 weeks studying with an Egyptolist along the Nile, in addition to her domestic adventures.

She believes in work life integration, not balance, and is committed to aligning herself with people and companies who are doing life changing work.

Giulia, Production: Life & Work on 3 Continents

“It’s good to work with a team that judges your job from your results and the accomplishments, not from the number of hours spent warming a chair in the office.”

Giulia says that the best experience combining work and traveling around the world this year was (for sure) the retreat in Montreal. Meeting teammates, strolling around the city, eating awesome food and getting to “touch” and learn useful stuff about everyone in our Tortuga family.

During her first year working with Tortuga Backpacks, on her terms, she also had the chance to travel more around Asia, exploring Indonesia in September, Cambodia in February and at the end of July she’s headed to see her family on the Italian seashore.

Patrick, Product Designer: Practicing Work Life Integration

“This is what we do. We believe in living life on our terms. We believe in breaking down the illogical barriers of the traditional US workplace. We believe in the power of travel to empower, inspire, and improve people’s lives. We believe in the value of taking real vacations, to disconnect, recharge, and reinvigorate.”

Patrick combines his priorities of deep local ties, world travel, and the ability to be the master of his own schedule. Every month this year he’s gone somewhere cool: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Montreal, China, Hong Kong, Germany and Greece, for starters.

He loves that, at Tortuga, trips like these are not just accepted, they are celebrated. He feels that he has taken some major steps in living on his own terms, but is not all of the way there yet. One of the things he’s dreamed of doing is spending a few months living and working from a remote beach in a tropical paradise... hopefully to escape winter in Virginia. That's the next big thing on his to do list.

Taylor, Marketer: Iterate On Life When Something Isn't Right

“The freedom to change my own life, relatively quickly but with thoughtful intention, is my definition of living on my terms.”

Taylor quit her office job in Durham, NC to work remotely and travel the world full-time. She spent 6 months on the road before deciding that she was burned out from full-time nomadism and missed having a home. She bought a flight back to the USA and moved to NYC in 2016 for a wholly different kind of adventure - big city life.

Now, she splits her time between NYC and traveling the world (for much shorter periods of time). Unless that stops feeling right, in which case she’ll try something else. Stay tuned.

Angela, Concierge: Dance, Travel & Work On Her Terms

“Living life on my terms means that I am free to travel to dissolve the boundaries that we have put up among people, countries, and cultures.”

Angela combines work, travel and professional dance into an epic artistic life. This summer, dancing her way across Europe after an injury in the fall, she’s rediscovered her creativity and artistry after spending a lot of time in rehab.

Doing dance intensives in various cities, working as she goes has enabled her to have the funds to pay for studio space so she can get back to choreographing her own work.

Garrett, Graphic Designer: Transitioning to Location Independence

“Life is short, and having the freedom to experience as much of it as possible, all while working with an inspiring team to make stuff that resonates with people and helps others live life on their terms… is awesome.”

Garrett has enjoyed taking advantage of our connected world and transitioning from an office job to remote work with an amazing team.

He celebrates not being tied to a specific place or schedule, where work is an important part of life, but not life itself. He’s driven by a desire to learn about other cultures and grow, from curiosity and travel, to be a better human. He's spontaneous by nature. If at 2pm he feels like going to an art museum with headphones on soaking in inspiration, he can. He can spend the afternoon grabbing coffee and a walk with a friend. Late into the night is when he generally does his best work, and can focus completely.


On Your Terms, In Your Inbox

Sign up for travel resources, a carry-on packing list, opinion pieces, and news from Tortuga about how we’re putting “on your terms” into practice. We’ll only email you once a month, because we dislike sorting through our inboxes just as much as you do.


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