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The Best Travel Backpacks: Reviews from the Pros

Travelers have lots of choices when it comes to luggage. Even when you narrow your search from all luggage for city travel to just travel backpacks, things are still complicated.

High quality luggage is an investment, and it's important to look at the best travel backpacks before you depart.

Here's what to look for when you're buying a bag:

Travel Backpack Reviews from the Pros:

Wirecutter details the best carry on travel backpacks on the market, and chooses the Outbreaker travel backpack as their #1 pick.

Carryology gives out awards for the best travel backpacks annually. This year, they recommend Tortuga, Aer, and Outlier. Here's their video review of the Tortuga Outbreaker.

Savvy Backpacker recommends a few backpacks from Tortuga, Osprey, Minaal, and others.

Snarky Nomad's list of the best backpacks for carry on use breaks down several options for travelers.

Pause the Moment says that the Outbreaker travel backpack is the bag that world travelers have been waiting for.

The travel pros agree: the Tortuga Outbreaker is one of the best travel backpacks on the market. It's a maximum sized carry on backpack that's comfortable, organized, and durable.

Travel Backpack Reviews from Our Customers:

"The construction appears flawless and the materials both durable and attractive. Branding is thankfully understated and the combination of spaces and restraints for technology, clothing, and various necessities strikes a remarkable balance -- the Outbreaker feels like the result of a specific vision of how a travel backpack should work, rather than an uninspired iteration of something commonplace. Looking forward to its relentless and reliable use in the adventures to come." - Douglas B

"This was my first time trying to pack everything in a carryon and this bag made it a breeze. I was able to fit everything I needed and even had space for some clothing items I purchased while there. The bag feels sturdy and there are just the right amount of pockets for everything. It fit easily in the airplane overhead compartment." - Melissa E

"The Tortuga Outbreaker is the perfect size and weight for an all-around carry on backpack. It is made out of strong material and is designed with a traveler in mind!" - Mateo T

"Just returned from my first big trip with my Tortuga Outbreaker and I loved it! The bag was super comfy to carry and I got numerous questions from fellow travelers asking where they could get one. All the built in storage is awesome and the bag holds so much more than you'd expect it to." - Anthony G



Read more about the Outbreaker travel backpack and how we designed it to be ideal for city travel.

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