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The Best Military Backpack for Incognito Travel

Ever wish you could walk through an airport without heads turning, and whispers of “Army? No, Navy. No -- gotta be Marine” trailing after you?

The camo backpack on your back gives you away. Every. Single. Time.

Incognito Means It Doesn’t Scream “Military”

That military backpack makes it difficult when you want to travel incognito and not look like you’re military. To fit in with the bustling crowds dragging roller suitcases and wearing travel-stained clothes.

You have to fit in… but only to the extent of the travel-stained clothes. Which Mr. Morning Coffee and the cup’s weak paper bottom took care of, thank you very much. You still prefer the easy mobility of a backpack.

A black military backpack with subdued styling and tough fabric is what you truly desire. Our Outbreaker bags are perfect for you because they're incredibly durable and functional, but don’t look like military bags.

With tough sailcloth fabric that can withstand heaps of abuse, the Outbreaker bags can keep up with you on those strictly off-the-books missions. Add in the nearly waterproofing YKK zippers and padding in shoulder straps, and you’ve got the green light. 

Easy to Pack

You’re under a time limit to pack for your trip, but your bag keeps collapsing on itself as you pack. Super frustrating.

Or your bag has zero internal organization, so you cram all your gear and clothes in one big inner compartment and cross your fingers for semi-organization when you unzipper it.

You won’t need luck with the Outbreaker backpack. Thanks to 4 inner pockets lining the main compartment and two zippered mesh pockets on the compartment’s flap, your clothes stay where you put them.   

A dedicated technology compartment in Outbreaker’s rear lets your laptop and tablet travel in fleece-lined protection. And it lets you breeze through security checkpoints.

We’ve packed our Outbreaker travel backpack in ten minutes. On really good days, we’ve packed in five minutes -- no joke. That’s what you need when you’re under the gun for time and you still need to visit the bathroom.

Fits a Lot

You know those 4 pockets lining the Outbreaker’s inner compartment? Well, those aren’t the only deceptively-small pockets in the Outbreaker that fit a lot of stuff.

When you travel with one bag and need to be light on your feet, your military backpack needs to haul all your gear. And I mean, all your gear.

That’s exactly what we designed the Outbreaker to do: be your home on your back away from home. So, fill ‘em up. This military backpack can hold more than you think.

Perfect for Military Kids

Your kid has ripped through more backpacks and zippers than Captain America has in pulling on his outfit. But you can’t blame him. It’s hard to make a kid’s backpack that is the right size and durable enough to withstand being thrown under seats, stomped on, and thrashed against walls.

If you need to test the toughness of anything, give it to your kid, am I right?

That’s why the Outbreaker daypack is perfect for him. It was built to last from the smallest zipper to its padded shoulder straps. Not to mention, the 4-layer sailcloth provides toughness, can’t-rip-this and almost-waterproofing. The inner pockets let your kid organize his stuff and take responsibility for it -- key for raising a well-rounded adult.
And the fact that your kid’s Outbreaker daypack looks an awful lot like his parent’s black military backpack -- aka the Outbreaker travel backpack -- well, that’s something special. If that makes you smile, check out this bundle of Outbreak daypack and travel backpack: one for kid and one for you.  

Discount for Military Folks

We believe in supporting the folks that support us and make this world go round. Because of that belief, we recognize your hard work by offering you a discount as a member of the military.  

To get your discount, please contact us. And thank you for the hard work you do in protecting our freedom.

See all the features of the Outbreaker travel backpack and why it’s the perfect incognito black military backpack.

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