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The Outbreaker's Suspension System

Hiking bags are designed for a lightweight, comfortable carry. Travel backpacks should be too.

You don’t have to spend all day hiking with an 80L bag to feel the weight of your backpack.

Outbreaker Backpack suspension system

Even at 45L, a travel backpack can feel heavy with all of your clothes, shoes, and electronics inside. Imagine carrying that load a mile through a city trying to find your hotel.

You deserve to travel comfortably. Unfortunately, most travel backpacks have thin shoulders straps and nothing else to help lighten your load. That’s not good enough.

With the Outbreaker Backpack, we built the first-ever hiking-style suspension system into a travel backpack.

Outbreaker Backpack suspension system

A comfortable suspension system starts with the right straps and hip belt. Most travel backpacks don’t even bother with a hip belt. Without a hip belt, you have to carry your entire load on your shoulders. No wonder your shoulders and neck hurt after a day of travel. Don’t worry, there’s a better way.

The Hip Belt: A Necessity for Max-Sized Carry Ons

Outbreaker Backpack hip belt

Most travel backpacks either have no hip belt or a thin one made of webbing without any padding. Neither is good enough.

You need a weight-bearing hip belt to take the load off of your shoulders. A proper hip belt will transfer your bag’s weight from your shoulders to your hips. Then you can use your stronger leg muscles, not your weaker shoulder muscles, to do the work.

When fitted correctly, you will feel the weight move from your shoulders to your hips. It’s like magic. A good hip belt will move 80% of your bag’s weight to your hips.

The Outbreaker’s hip belt has two side pockets for tickets, boarding passes, or your passport. They’re handy for anything that you need quick access to while traveling. I like to move everything from my pants pockets to the hip belt pockets when I go through airport security. These zippered pockets provide more security than the bowls that the TSA uses.

If you’re traveling light and don’t need or want it, the hip belt is completely removable.

Thick Padding with Premium Foam

Ariaprene foam back padding and shoulder straps

The Outbreaker’s shoulder straps, hip belt, and back padding are thicker than you’ll find on almost any travel backpack. They’re much closer to what you would find on a large hiking pack.

The top of the padding and underside of the straps is made of soft-to-the-touch, sweat-wicking Ariaprene foam. Most backpacks use a cheaper option called air mesh which scratches your skin and doesn’t breathe as well as Ariaprene does.

Fits Any Height

Shorter people benefit the most from a comfortable suspension system.

In previous backpacks that we’ve designed, the fixed hip belt and shoulder straps prevented the bags from fitting as many travelers as we had hoped. We were letting down the people who needed a comfortable bag the most.

The Outbreaker Backpack has a height-adjustable suspension system, another first for travel backpacks.

Move the Outbreaker’s shoulder straps up or down for the perfect fit, regardless of your height.

Adjusting Your Bag for the Perfect Fit

After adjusting the Outbreaker’s shoulder straps to your torso length, loosen or tighten the rest of the straps for the best fit.

Use the shoulder straps, hip belt, chest straps, and load lifters to get a snug fit with the weight on your hips, not your shoulders.

The load lifters are also commonly found on hiking bags but omitted or misused on travel backpacks. Use these straps, which run along the top of your shoulder straps, to keep your bag as close to your body as possible for ideal weight distribution.

The right backpack will take the discomfort out of traveling. Just because you’re traveling, not hiking, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be comfortable.

Learn more about how the Outbreaker can take the hassle out of your travels.

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