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What Fits Inside the Outbreaker Duffle

The Outbreaker duffle is designed to qualify as a personal item and comply with the strictest airlines’ carry on rules. That means the duffle is a versatile bag that can be packed for several types of trips - whether you’re bringing a little, bringing a lot, or bringing souvenirs home.

In-Flight Essentials
Weekend Trips
Week-Long Trips

Using the Duffle as a Personal Item


You probably ignore shops filled with kitschy figurines, magnets, and t-shirts, instead opting to stroll through an artisan market or antique shop. The problem? One-of-a-kind finds can be difficult to pack even if you left a little room in your carry on bag. If you’re planning to shop during your trip, take the duffle along with you for luggage overflow. You won’t have to worry about cramming everything you packed, plus souvenirs, into your main bag. Since it fits under the seat, you can keep fragile items close to you to keep them from breaking in the overhead compartment.

Souvenirs: Outbreaker Duffle Packing List

In-Flight Essentials

Long haul flights aren’t about enjoyment. They’re about survival. Seasoned travelers know to bring snacks and entertainment in a small bag to get through a long flight. Since the duffle qualifies as a personal item, pack your in-flight essentials inside and slide it under the seat for easy access.

In-Flight Essentials: Outbreaker Duffle Packing List

Using the Duffle as a Small Carry On

Since the duffle consists of one roomy compartment, we highly recommend using a set of packing cubes. They’ll help you stay organized and fit more inside your bag. All three Outbreaker Packing Cubes will fit inside. Even if you completely fill the cubes, you’ll have extra room in the duffle after packing. If you want to bring electronics (other than your phone), bring the Outbreaker Daypack in addition to the duffle. Electronics can go in the daypack, and clothes can go in the duffle.

Packing the Duffle for a Weekend Trip

Short trips call for smaller bags. It’s much easier to pack light for three days than for seven. But don’t fall into the trap of bringing extra just because you have room.

Warm Weather Weekend: Outbreaker Duffle Packing List

If you think you might get chilly at night, wear long pants and a light jacket on the plane. You’ll have more room in your duffle if you wear larger items (like a hoodie) rather than packing them.

Cold Weather Weekend: Outbreaker Duffle Packing List

The trick to packing for cold weather: wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Don’t pack your parka, chunky sweater, or snow boots: wear them. Use your duffle for smaller items, like layering pieces.

Packing the Duffle for a Week-Long Trip

A longer trip in a small bag requires more restraint. If you’re a savvy packer or minimalist traveler, the duffle might be your new favorite (small) carry on bag.

Note: packing for a week in warm weather is relatively easy. Packing for a longer trip in cold weather, especially if your clothes are bulky, is for pro packers only.

Warm Weather Week: Outbreaker Duffle Packing List

This packing list is for women (hence the sun dresses and sarong) and assumes you’ll visit a beach at some point on your trip. Modify the list if you need to pack differently. For any week-long trip, we highly recommend using packing cubes with the duffle.

Cold Weather Week: Outbreaker Duffle Packing List

Clothes for cold weather take up a lot of room. Even with relatively small ultralight down jackets and merino wool layers, you can’t pack as many things for a cold weather destination as for a warm one. If, however, you have packing down to a science, you can pack for a week in a small carry on like the Outbreaker duffle. Pro tip: always wear your bulkiest clothes on the airplane.

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