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How to Choose an Organized Backpack for Travel

When your backpack has one main compartment, it’s hard to find anything. It’s even harder to keep your clothes organized. A long day of travel will leave your clothes a jumbled mess.

Let’s face it: having one main compartment in your backpack is far from ideal. In fact, it’s a recipe for chaos.

So what’s your solution? You’ve got two options: packing cubes or buying an organized backpack.

Solution 1: Packing Cubes

A packing cube is a fabric zippered cube designed to break up your backpack’s big bad main compartment into manageable chunks.

Packing cubes keep your clothes organized and exactly where you left them. Especially if your backpack doesn’t have pockets to make it easier for your stuff to stay organized on the road.

If you’re traveling with an un-organized backpack, use packing cubes to keep the chaos at bay. Think of packing cubes like backpack organization pouches for your gear and clothes.

Here’s how to use a packing cube:

Use a smaller packing cube for smaller clothing items, like socks, underwear and tank tops. Use a larger packing cube for larger clothes, like pants, shirts, and cardigans.

Roll up your clothes and place them inside the packing cube. Keep like items together, so when you’re hunting for a clean shirt, you can easily pull out your packing cube with your shirts. Ta-da, it’s like magic: a clean shirt.

Zip up the packing cube -- maybe stuff in a few more items because a good cube can hold a lot -- and put it into your travel backpack. Now, whenever you need clean socks, unzip your backpack’s main compartment and find the small packing cube holding your socks.

Done. That’s a wrap, folks.  

Solution 2: Organized Backpack

Your second solution is buying an organized backpack, instead of a backpack with a large main compartment without any interior backpack organization pouches.

Look for an organized backpack that splits up the main compartment space like the Outbreaker. What does that even mean? It means the organized backpack has smaller pockets lining the main compartment. It means the organized backpack has two or more zippered pouches on the interior flap.

Best of all, it means no more jumbled clothes inside your backpack after a day of travel.

How to Organize Your Travel Backpack

So now that you have an organized backpack, how do you actually organize your backpack for travel? 

Here’s a backpack organization checklist:

Roll your clothes

This is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. You’ll save more space in your organized backpack. And when you roll clothes, it’s easier to see more of your shirts at once than if you folded and stacked them. Rolling works really well inside packing cubes or mesh zippered pockets. So you can see your entire wardrobe in a glance rather than a stack of folded shirts, with only the top shirt visible.

Match sizes

Put larger items, like shoes or pants, in a larger pocket. Put the small stuff -- like chargers, alarm clock, socks -- that gets easily lost in a smaller pocket.

Give items a home

Figure out the best spots to store your stuff in your organized backpack. When you wear your black shirt, put it back in the same spot you found it. In other words, put your black shirt in its home.

When everything has a specific spot in your organized backpack, it’s easier -- and faster -- to find exactly what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

And your organized backpack stays, well, organized. It’s a win-win.


The Best Organized Travel Backpack

We designed the Outbreaker to be the best organized travel backpack on the market. Check out the Outbreaker to learn more about why it’s ideal for carrying everything you need for your next city trip.

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