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The Art of the Onebag: Why Onebagging Might Be the Ideal

Onebagging isn't just about packing in one piece of luggage. It's a mindset and a lifestyle.

In a travel context, onebagging is about packing only what you need.

Onebagging might have started with travel, but it's so much more than that. It's about curation, refinement, and minimalism. It's about owning fewer, better quality items. Packing fewer things is just a byproduct.

The conversation around the onebag (yes, it's one word) lifestyle is most often found on Reddit, in two communities devoted to the ideal.

One description states:

/r/Onebagging is a community devoted to the idea of lugging around less crap. Fewer, higher quality items, packed into a single bag for ease of transport make life simpler.

The other, larger subreddit caters to those who only own enough possessions to fit in one bag. Their description:

A onebagger is someone who temporarily or permanently lives out of one or two bags, possibly owns transportation, and possibly uses dwellings.

The latter community is, of course, the more extreme version of the onebag lifestyle. Both communities agree in essence: we should own fewer, higher quality goods.

The minimalist lifestyle isn't for everyone, but we think that onebag ideals can-and should-be applied to all travelers' packing lists.

Why Travel Like a Onebagger

Ever see that person in the airport who zips past a crowded escalator and beats everyone to the top, because they have a travel backpack and took the stairs? That person also didn't have to wait at baggage claim. They never fear lost luggage. Their bags never get tagged at the gate due to being oversized.

One bag travel saves you money, because you never have to deal with baggage fees. You'll feel more secure, because your luggage never leaves your sight. And best of all, it gives you the agility to spend as little time as possible in the airport, worrying about your luggage. Just land and go.

How to Pack Like a Onebagger

Start with our three-part series on packing light. First, learn the hard and fast rules for what you can and can’t carry on your next flight.

Next, learn the principles that will help you pare down your load to just the essentials.

These articles will help you figure out what and how to pack for any kind of trip, from a long weekend roadtrip to a year-long, round-the-world journey.

You’ll find helpful advice to match your style of travel, packing, and dressing.

Onebag Packing List

The purpose of this list is to provide an all-purpose, carry on packing list that anyone can use. 

By understanding the principles of one bag packing, you can customize the list to fit your needs. Add your own personal flair so that you feel comfortable and confident when you travel.

The Best Backpacks for Onebag Travel

 If you're new to one bag travel and plan to take trips of a week or more, the Outbreaker travel backpack is right for you. It's a maximum-sized carry on for city travelers and prioritizes ergonomics, comfort, and organization.

Seasoned onebaggers and digital nomads should consider the Homebase travel backpack. It's lightweight and durable, and ideal for blending travel with work.

Read more about our travel backpacks and how we designed them to be ideal for one bag travel.

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