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Minaal Daily Bag vs Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack

Minaal's daily bag is a stylish choice for travelers, but isn't quite ideal in terms of function.

What Packability?

An ideal travel daypack is more comfortable than ultralight bags but easier to pack away than traditional backpacks. Minaal's daily bag misses the mark on the second count. If you want to pack the daily bag into your luggage to use on your trip, it'll add bulk to the rest of your stuff. That eats into your precious packing space.

The Outbreaker daypack, on the other hand, packs flat. When you're ready to head to the airport, pack the daypack in your carry on for one bag travel. It won't take up space in your luggage like most backpacks.


Built-in Weather Resistance

Minaal's Daily Bag comes with a rain cover. Rain covers aren't a terrible choice - in fact, our original travel backpack used a rain cover. 

"Not terrible" is a far cry from "great," however. It's frustrating to carry around an extra piece of fabric just to make your bag functional. Not to mention the annoyance of digging around in your bag for your rain cover when the clouds come out.

We designed the Outbreaker Daypack to keep your stuff dry in a downpour without a rain cover. Waterproof sailcloth and coated YKK zippers will protect whatever you pack inside, even in wet weather. No digging around for a rain cover required.


Stay Hydrated

 You're walking around Rome on a hot day in July. You're parched. You reach back for your water bottle.... but oh wait - there's no water bottle pocket on your Minaal Daily.

A water bottle is at the top of the list for every day of travel. Shouldn't your daypack have a pocket for it? The Outbreaker daypack does. You don't have to take off and unzip your bag to get to your water.


The Kicker: Less than Half the Price

 The Minaal Daily Bag is $249 - the same price as a fully fledged carry on backpack. The Outbreaker daypack is a more functional option that costs just $99. 

Read more about how we designed the Outbreaker daypack to carry what you need for any day of adventure.

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