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Lockable, Weather-Resistant Zippers

Every component of a travel backpack should be optimized for adventure - especially small details like zippers.

A travel backpack is only as good as its weakest component, and zippers are typically the weakest points of a bag. Low quality zippers distort and break, rendering an investment useless. Non-coated zippers (the ones you see on the vast majority of travel backpacks) let water into the bag on a rainy day. And if zippers aren't lockable, your stuff is vulnerable to theft.

We thought about every detail when designing the Outbreaker travel backpack and paid special attention to the zippers. 


A TSA-friendly backpack should give travelers the option to use TSA-friendly locks to protect their stuff. That's just common sense.

Lockable zippers should have loops for a lock right next to the zipper, not at the end of a pull-tab. This ensures that a thief is unable to open the bag - even an inch - without opening the lock. 

The Outbreaker uses lockable zippers on the following three compartments:

Take a tour of the Outbreaker's compartments here.


If a piece of luggage falls apart, it's usually the zipper's fault. The teeth of low-quality zippers distort over time, creating a ridge. When that happens, it's impossible to fully close the bag. What good is a travel backpack if you can't close it?

We chose are YKK zippers for the Outbreaker, the highest quality on the market. YKK zippers are premium, durable, and easy to use. We're so confident in our zippers that they're covered by our Common Decency Guarantee. If your backpack breaks and it's our fault (like if the zipper is defective and therefore doesn't live up to claims of quality), we'll make it right.


Most premium travel backpacks use YKK zippers, and many are lockable. We took it one step further and chose weather-resistant zippers for maximum performance for the outside of the Outbreaker.

Travelers need their luggage to perform in every weather condition. Your travel backpack should be able keep your laptop dry during monsoon season.


The Outbreaker's coated zippers are not fully waterproof, but they are highly weather-resistant (read about the difference here).

Truly waterproof zippers are an unideal choice for a travel backpack because they're difficult to zip and unzip. When you're in a hurried security line, the last thing you want to do is fight with an unruly zipper. Instead of sacrificing usability, we chose a zipper that maximizes ease of use AND weather resistance.

Easy-glide, coated zippers are expensive components, which is why most travel backpacks don't pay attention to weather resistance when choosing materials. We believe in designing the best products possible, not cutting corners, especially when it comes to the details. 

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