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How to Use a Daypack for Travel

When you travel with one bag, you run into situations when you need a smaller bag for daily adventures.

You need something smaller and lighter to carry the essentials. Something that’s designed to hold your gear on a day to day basis, whether you’re heading to a nearby cafe to work for a few hours, touring the local museum circuit, or hiking up a Swiss ski hill amidst blooming summer flowers.

Enter your savior: the travel daypack.

But the bigger question is: how do you choose the right daypack for your travels?

Consider Your Adventures

To answer this question about the best travel daypack for you, think about how you travel.

Maybe you’re a one-bag traveler, but you hate carrying your laptop to a cafe for Wifi and work. Or filling your pockets with the weird necessities for a day’s adventure.

Or you’re tired of one shoulder constantly aching thanks to an overstuffed handbag or messenger bag.

Or maybe you’re a traveler who starts the journey with one bag, but by trip’s end, your one bag desperately needs a backup.

If you said “that’s me” to any of the above scenarios, you should consider adding a travel daypack to your travels. Specifically, you need a travel daypack that folds flat and slips into your one-bag on travel days.  

Thanks to its slim design and lightweight fabric, the Outbreaker travel daypack folds flat and slips easily inside your one bag. It’s like that much-appreciated parachute, ready to unfold at a moment’s notice to save the day.

Aim for Comfort

When you’re selecting a travel daypack, consider one that has your comfort in mind. You’ll be wearing this daypack on long days. Let’s face it: zero padding in the back panel doesn’t cut it if you’re over the age of 10. You need some cushioning when you’re carrying weight in your travel daypack, even if it is just your laptop and a water bottle.

Unlike ultralight daypacks, we built our travel daypack with an Airaprene padded back panel and cushioned straps to comfortably haul your gear. So your back can enjoy your travels instead of swearing and sweating.

Don't Skimp on Durability

Whether you’re heading to a cafe to catch up on work or tucking a light jacket and water bottle into your travel daypack to walk up to Neuschwanstein’s fairy-tale castle, you need a travel daypack ready to work. The Outbreaker daypack’s laptop and tablet sleeves carry and protect your electronics.

Speaking of protection, consider a travel daypack with weather-proof fabric. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stick close to your home base. In fact, some of the best travel memories are made in the rain.

How to find out if your travel daypack pick is nearly waterproof? Read the travel daypack reviews. The best travelers will note how well -- or poorly -- their travel daypack stood up to Mother Nature. That’s why we picked waterproof sailcloth and coated YKK zippers for the Outbreaker daypack to protect your valuables during a downpour.

As for durable, you need a travel daypack that can handle loads of abuse. From your gear’s point of view, traveling isn’t like hunkering down by your beach chair and getting margaritas spilled on it. Your travel daypack should be built to last for countless adventures, but still light enough to carry every day.

That’s a high standard. The Outbreaker daypack is made from waterproof sailcloth -- so don’t worry about that spilled margarita. Sailcloth doesn’t rip or tear like traditional backpack fabrics. YKK zippers and Duraflex buckles strengthen your travel daypack’s most vulnerable points.

Go ahead and dive into adventure with your travel daypack strapped to your back. It can keep up.  

How to Use a Daypack for Travel

Use a daypack for travel when your carry on is way too big for your daily adventures.

Think of a daypack as your eager little companion who is hankering to see the world every day with you. If your travel daypack was a dog, it’d be a Golden Retriever: panting for a walk, loves making new friends, looks good covered in water, and is a joy to be around.

On travel days, you could pack your travel daypack full of necessities for the flight and tuck it under the seat in front of you.

When you arrive at your destination, unpack your daypack from your carry on. Pack a light jacket, water bottle, guidebook, snack, and whatever else you’ll need for a day in your daypack. Sling it on your back and head out for sightseeing or to a sunny cafe table, catching up on work.

Explore a new city while leaving your luggage behind. Read about how we designed the Outbreaker daypack to carry what you need for the day.

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