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All the Details and Features of the Homebase Backpack

The Homebase Backpack is a mid-sized, ultralight carry on for light packers and short trips.

Here are all the details on every single pocket and feature so you can make the most of your new luggage.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let's start with an overview video on the Homebase Backpack to acquaint you with what goes where.

 Onto the details.


The water bottle pocket is on one side of the Homebase Backpack. It's elastic on top to keep your water bottle or umbrella in place and lies flat when not in use. 

On the other side, you'll find a handle. Use this as an alternate carry method when your straps are stowed (we'll get to that) and as a handy way to grab your backpack out of an overhead compartment. 

There's a similar handle on top of the bag, which is great for pulling your backpack out from under the seat of an airplane.

Shoulder Straps and Hip Belt

The Homebase Backpack's shoulder straps are made from a comfortable, injection-molded foam that breaks in and conforms to your body over time. It's similar to the kind of foam you see in the soles of running shoes. It might feel a little stiff at first - that's normal! 

Adjust the chest strap up and down to fit your body, then tighten it to feel taut for the most comfortable carry. Chest straps help keep your backpack close to your body so the load doesn't shift as much. Similar to compression straps, a secure and nonmoving load feels lighter on your back. If you prefer not to use the chest strap, it's removable.

To stow your straps, unclip the Duraflex buckles and tuck the straps into the velcro compartment on the back panel:

Hideaway straps are especially useful if you need to gate check your bag on a small regional jet. Whenever your bag leaves your hands, it's nice to stow away pieces that might get caught on something and cause damage.

Zippers and Fabric

The zippers to the main compartment, front organization compartment, and electronics compartment are all equipped with lockable YKK zippers. Slide a TSA-friendly lock through the loops at the base of the zipper to secure your stuff.

Most premium travel backpacks use YKK zippers, and many are lockable. We took it one step further and chose weather-resistant zippers for maximum performance for the outside of the Homebase Backpack.

For even more weather resistance, the Homebase Backpack is equipped with an ultralight waterproof sailcloth. It's abrasion resistant and keeps your stuff safe -- even in the rain.

Travelers need their luggage to perform in every weather condition. Your travel backpack should be able keep your laptop dry during monsoon season.

Front Organization Pocket

In the front pocket, you'll find a panel with lots of places to store small incidentals. There is a pocket for your sunglasses, a sleeve for your ereader or a notebook, and a zippered compartment for anything else you might need to store. Slide pens into the pen holders, clip your keys to the key clip, and store cards and a passport in the smaller slots.

The front pocket is also a great place to store things you might need to access quickly like a jacket, your liquids bag, chargers, and in-flight essentials.

Main Compartment

The Homebase Backpack's main compartment is roomy so that you can bring everything you need without checking a bag. 

Use the included packing cube to organize your clothes. It's double sided so that you can separate clean clothes from dirty.

When the packing cube is full of clothes and packed inside the backpack, you'll have a little extra room for a pair of shoes, jacket, or toiletry bag.

If you prefer not to use a packing cube, pack the backpack without it and leave it behind.

Electronics Compartment

The Homebase Backpack's electronics compartment sits flush against your back for security and ergonomics. Your computer is often the most valuable - and heaviest - item you carry, so it's placed in the spot least prone to damage.

Pack a 15" laptop and 9.7" tablet in the two electronics sleeves and secure them with the velcro strap. 

Read more here about how we designed the Homebase Backpack to be the ideal carry on for light packers and short trips.

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