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Flight 001 Avionette vs Tortuga Outbreaker

Flight 001 made a snazzy suitcase that brings back the allure of traveling in the 1960’s, but they forgot to update it with necessary features that 21st century travelers require for smooth travel.

Not Optimized for the Real World

Wheels are great if your travels are confined to office buildings, polished airport floors, or glistening marble lobbies. 

But if you want to travel in the real world -- complete with adventurous dirt roads, charming cobblestones, mountain hikes, or even just curbs and stair steps -- you’ll want luggage that keeps up with you. Not a bag that you have to jump over every, single stair on Venice’s multiple stair-stepped bridges. Or a bag that forces you to wait on escalators instead of passing on the left and catching a taxi to enjoy a refreshing drink at John Lennon’s favorite bar.

A travel backpack, like the Tortuga Outbreaker, allows you to run and move like you were designed. Forget about waiting for elevators and escalators, or rattling your way through San Francisco’s Tenderloin district or bucolic Salzburg’s cobblestone streets.

Strap on a backpack and open up your stride for every type of surface found in the real world.

What About Electronics?

Seasoned travelers know that agility is easier with one bag travel. The fewer bags you carry, the more unencumbered you are. If you're able to pare down your packing list to one piece of luggage, you're free to explore without the hassle of babysitting several bags. Even better if that bag is a travel backpack, because you'll be able to explore hands free.

If you’re traveling with Flight 001 Avionette, one bag travel isn’t feasible. This wheeled suitcase doesn’t have a spot for your laptop. Instead, your laptop -- which probably costs more than the rest of your gear and flight combined -- would flop around in your suitcase like a slippery, squeaking dolphin performing tricks.

Even if you decided to risk packing a laptop in a suitcase like Avionette, you’d be forced to open the entire suitcase to access the laptop.

Traveling with a suitcase like Avionette, you’re obligated to bring a second bag on your trip -- just to protect your laptop. Expect endless hours being weighted down and keeping an eye on two restless bags rather than exploring your new destinations.

We know that you can’t take any risks with your electronics, especially when you’re halfway around the world. When you open the Outbreaker Backpack’s back panel, your laptop stays in place, thanks to a secure velcro tab. That back panel is even padded against unexpected jostles or bumps that inevitably happen on the road.

At security checkpoints, unzip that back panel and please, sir, leave your laptop in its fleece-lined sleeve. Soon, you’re clear of the checkpoint with time to spare at your gate, perfect to kick back and finish reading your book.

Ultra-Light = Sacrifices

When you seek to make the lightest bag possible, you end up sacrificing on other features. Unzip the Avionette and you’ll quickly see what Flight 001 skimped on: internal organization.

On the open panel is one big zippered pocket that runs the entire length and width of the suitcase. Great, thanks. Now that pocket can get jammed full of weird semi-important stuff, and become horribly messy.

One big pocket doesn’t aid in organizing your bag; it only makes packing more cumbersome. Combined with the fact that this pocket is made out of the same material as the rest of the bag, so it’s a fabulous mystery on what’s stuffed inside until you unzip the pocket.

We want your backpack to be your greatest travel asset. That’s why we designed interior zippered pockets made out of helpful see-through mesh. Unzip Tortuga’s main compartment to find seven -- yes, 7, count ‘em! -- zippered pockets to split up that big empty space.

So you can quickly find a clean(ish) pair of socks, a nice shirt for a night out on the town, or a swimsuit for an impromptu waterfall swim. Instead of spending a gorgeous afternoon in your room, hunting madly through your bag and then repacking the disaster once said item was found.

You want to travel to see the world -- not squander time with your head buried inside your bag, frantically searching for bikini bottoms.

Best of Both Worlds

Suitcases and backpacks have best-of features that the other bag doesn’t have, which is why both are good for travel.

When you travel with a suitcase, items are more accessible and organized than a jumbled mess of a backpack. However, you can tackle any environment with a backpack -- not just the sterile environment and smooth surfaces of an airport.

When we designed the Outbreaker backpack, we married the best features of backpacks and suitcases into the ideal luggage for global explorers. You get the agility of a backpack with the organizational benefits of a suitcase… that’s also comfortable and durable.

Learn more about how the Outbreaker backpack combines the best elements of a backpack and a suitcase.

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