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Drawstring Bag, or Packable Daypack? How to Choose a Day Bag for Travel

A drawstring bag -- the kind that is a sack hacking from two strings -- is convenient, cheap, and always down for a quick dash to your neighborhood gym. But when it comes to travel, you’ll find a drawstring bag is lacking in three major areas.

Oh-So Uncomfortable

A drawstring bag rests on your shoulders via two thin ropes. Meaning if you have any weight whatsoever in your drawstring bag, those two thin straps dig into your shoulders.

If you're after a painful time, a drawstring bag filled with a full water bottle, treasures picked up on your meandering city adventures, and a snack to fight off the hangries, yup, that would do it.

Compare that to a packable daypack with padded wide mesh straps which make day-long adventures enjoyable. Look for a padded back panel crafted from mesh, as well, so you can say buh-bye to awful sweaty back syndrome on the hottest days.

The Setout Packable Daypack has both and is an ideal day bag for city travelers.

Zero Organization

Truth: You don't need a ton of organization in a packable daypack.

But one zippered pocket makes a big difference when you're trying to find something small that's -- of course -- lodged at the very bottom.

A drawstring bag is one giant hungry cavern of empty space.

When you travel with a drawstring bag, you’ll be searching all day long for your lip balm, pack of gum, or Airbnb key that’s inevitably floating somewhere at your bag’s bottom. Get used to wasting valuable moments of your trip, hunting furiously through your drawstring bag. ‘Cause, it’ll happen.

That one zippered pocket will save your sanity. Stash your MVP items in your daypack’s front pocket and you’ll feel like Goldilocks finding her perfectly-sized pocket. Not too big so that you’ll lose everything, and not so small that nothing will fit.

Where’s My Water Bottle Pocket?

Real quick, have you ever seen a drawstring bag with a water bottle pocket? If you ever do, snap a quick iPhone photo because that’s a rarely-seen unicorn with rainbows shooting out its horn.

In other words, if you use a drawstring bag as your daypack, your water bottle has a full-throttle dance party in the main compartment. It slaps against your back while you walk. Shifts sideways so one drawstring shoulder strap digs into one shoulder more than the other. Or it just does weird karate moves without a pocket to keep it under control.

Not so with the Setout Packable Daypack.

It has two -- count ‘em -- two water bottle pockets. So you carry your water bottle… and your poor friend’s who packed a flimsy drawstring bag. 

Opt For a Real-World-Ready Travel Daypack

When you’re hunting for the perfect daypack for your travels, get one that has your comfort in mind.

Get one that makes day adventures -- and finding your stuff on the road -- easier. Get one that’s real-world-ready. Check out the Setout Packable Daypack.

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