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Checkpoint-Friendly Travel Backpack

Airport security is a slog. We all love to travel but dread the airport experience. Luckily, with the right travel backpack, you can get through security faster.

If you travel with your computer, you need a checkpoint-friendly laptop backpack. With the right backpack, you can leave your laptop in your bag to get through security faster.

Padded laptop sleeve

What Makes a Bag Checkpoint-Friendly?

To be checkpoint-friendly, the TSA requires:

Most checkpoint-friendly bags are messengers or small, personal-item-sized backpacks. The Outbreaker Backpack is a maximum-sized carry on that’s also checkpoint-friendly.

Most luggage-sized backpacks don’t even have a laptop sleeve. Even fewer lie flat and meet the TSA’s requirements.

The Outbreaker’s entire electronics compartment can be unzipped and laid flat on the conveyor belt at airport security.

Unzip the Outbreaker’s back panel and unfold it for expedited security screening.

Lie flat, Checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve

Keep Your Electronics Safe

Your gadgets probably cost more than your bag, the rest of its contents, and your flight combined. We know that you can’t take any risks with your electronics, especially when you’re halfway around the world.

When you open the Outbreaker’s back panel, everything stays in place, secured by a velcro tab. You don’t have to worry about your laptop sliding out as you open your bag for security screening.

Both the laptop and tablet sleeves are padded to protect your gear if you drop your bag or it gets jostled during your flight.

The fleece-lined sleeves protect the finish on your electronics. Even your laptop deserves to travel luxuriously.

Outbreaker Backpack's fleece-lined laptop sleeve

What the Outbreaker Can Carry

In addition to your clothes, toiletries, cables, and other miscellany, both sizes of the Outbreaker Backpack can handle your entire range of gadgets. The Outbreaker 45 can hold a slightly larger laptop, but not many travelers will need the extra space.

The back panel holds your laptop and tablet. The front pocket’s organizer panel holds your ereader for quick, inflight access. If you prefer analog, that same pocket can hold your notebook.

Outbreaker 45

Outbreaker 35

Before a trip, most people only think about what clothes they’ll pack. You can easily overlook your electronics. We didn’t.

As a distributed company, we don’t have to cut vacations short to get back to work. We bring our computers with us and reconnect when the holiday portion of the trip is over. That way, we can keep exploring.

We designed the Outbreaker Backpack to help you live on your terms too. Check out the Outbreaker to learn more about why it’s ideal for carrying your electronics and everything else you need for your next city trip.

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