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Boreas Travel Pack vs Tortuga Outbreaker

This backpack is marketed as the “Quit Your Job, Travel the World” backpack, but true digital nomads will find this backpack falls short in many must-have categories, guaranteeing your round-the-world trip will be an everlasting headache.

What About Electronics?

When you travel the world, you need a backpack designed to keep your valuables safe. Your laptop is your MVP (most valuable product) hitching a ride on your adventures. Makes sense it should be housed in a well-protected space.

Well, that’s not the case with Boreas Tsum Trek Travel Pack.

Tsum Trek Travel Pack doesn’t have an electronics section. Yes, you read that right. No electronics section. This backpack doesn’t even have a dedicated laptop sleeve, an absolute must-have for anyone frequently traversing multiple security checkpoints.

Without a dedicated laptop sleeve, you’ll spend endless minutes in security unzipping your backpack, extracting your laptop, putting it on the conveyor belt, nearly walking off to your gate before doubling back to remember your laptop, lonely and forgotten at the checkpoint.

We designed the Tortuga Outbreaker with an electronics section. Think of it as a suite for your electronic gadgets. Your laptop travels in high luxury: a fleece-lined, padded sleeve secured with a velcro latch. If you travel with a tablet, it slides into a smaller fleece-lined sleeve.

On the flap’s other side, three zippered mesh pockets hold cords that give your digital life power. Organize those cords to your little heart’s delight, so each one is easily found.

Oh, and those security checkpoints? They’re easier to navigate than snapping your fingers.

Unzip Tortuga Outbreaker’s electronics section and glide through the checkpoint. Leave your laptop in its fleece-luxury.

It’s really that easy.

Is It Really Carry On Sized?

The Boreas Tsum Trek Travel Pack is 55L.

But where, oh where, is the actual physical dimensions of this backpack?

We searched high. We searched low. But alas, no dimensions were discovered. Not knowing the exact dimensions of a backpack makes it difficult -- nay, impossible -- to know if the bag conforms to airlines’ standard carry on dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9”.

In other words, you won’t really know if this backpack is allowed on an airline until you real-world try it.

Even worse, when you’re denied entry to your flight, your argument that “My bag is carry on compliant!” has no grounds to stand on.

Don’t even think about asking the gate attendant to pull out a measuring tape and measure your no-dimensions-known backpack. As any good lawyer will tell you, “When push comes to shove, never ask a question you don’t know an answer to.” That’s just asking the karma gods to strike ire upon you.

Instead, travel with a backpack that proudly shouts its dimensions. Under Specs on Tortuga Outbreaker’s product page, the backpack’s actual size is listed first. Because we know the physical size is that important.

So you don’t have to search high and low on our site to figure out if the Outbreaker is carry on friendly. Both the 45 and 35L Outbreakers are carry on friendly with the 45L matching up exactly to airlines’ standard carry on dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9”.

Subpar Materials

Boreas Tsum Trek Travel Pack is made from nylon. Traditionally, a backpack is made from fabric where the threads are woven together in two directions. Downside is no matter how tightly you weave those two threads together, water is a sneaky devil. It always manages to find a hole and tiptoe into your bag.

And then holes join the fray.

Once those holes start, they keep growing, munching your bag down to itty bitty scraps of fabric that you expect to hold your gear. That’s a huge problem when you’re catching a flight and the bottom of your backpack falls out.

The Tortuga Outbreaker backpack is crafted from an untraditional fabric: waterproof sailcloth. Sails are exposed to soul-beating winds and blinding sunshine, yet they still look fabulous against a setting sun.

That durability and toughness is what we long for in a travel backpack. You beat it, knock it around, take it for hikes in drenching rain storms, and your bag still looks good.

That scenario is the traveler’s fantasy.

With a backpack crafted from sailcloth -- and its four layers of protection with (almost) waterproofing -- you can live that fantasy. Even better, one of those four layers prevents your bag from ever fraying or ripping at the seams.

Upgrade Your Luggage

See what traveling with a tough, (almost) waterproof travel backpack truly designed for around the world adventures looks like with the Tortuga Outbreaker.

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